We support schools, families and children / young people with a wide range of difficulties in education including social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, cognition and learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties and sensory and physical difficulties. We also look to build resilience and identify and develop strengths in a wide range of situations.

What we offer

Bespoke, tailored, psychologically informed support to schools.
We believe in the wide application and use of psychology, that respects but moves beyond individual assessment.
We work at all levels of the graduated approach supporting schools to develop their inclusive systemic practice, policies and processes.
Examples of practices include; assessment, intervention, therapeutic support, supervision, problem solving processes, early intervention, environmental support, training, mentoring, workshop facilitation, auditing, research and so many more individualised packages of support.
We are HCPC certified practitioners with significant experience in the use of tailored evidence-based programmes and approaches including:
We do not currently accept parental requests for Educational Psychology assessments. These need to be commissioned by the child or young person’s educational setting. Unfortunately we are unable to directly recommend or make referrals to Educational Psychologists who do take parental referrals. However we would recommend that you seek further information from The Associate of Child Psychologists in Private Practice

Pricing structure for the academic year 23/24



For a purchase of 36 or more school days across the academic year


For purchases of 18-35 school days across the academic year.


For purchases of 17 or less school days across the academic year



    We cover the North East of England face to face and work remotely all over the UK